Signs You're Working With a Quality Dental Lab

If you offer any sort of cosmetic dentistry in your practice, you likely already know that you are partnered with a cosmetic dental lab. Or maybe you're a new practice who is in the market for a trusted cosmetic dental lab who can handle the demands of you and your patients. Here are three key qualities that are essential in a good-quality dental lab.

They use high-quality equipment and try new technologies.

Dental healthcare as a field is on an upward trend, and dental laboratories are following suit. The global market for dental labs is expected to reach 14.8 billion U.S. dollars by 2024. This growth also means that dental labs have been able to afford experimenting with better methods using technology, resulting in digital dentistry. A digital dental lab uses tools like CAD to create more accurate and higher-quality models. Digital dental methods are projected to grow in popularity as the technology improves and becomes affordable for more labs. If you are working with a lab that employs new technologies, you know they will keep up the newest growth trends in dentistry and keep their methods relevant and pitch-perfect in quality.

Communication and order returns are prompt.

If you are waiting forever to hear back from a lab about a question or order, then there is an issue. If orders consistently take longer than promised, this should also be a deal breaker. If patients aren't receiving their veneers or crowns on time, this reflects badly on your practice, as well. Your lab should keep communication clear and speedy, and should have reasonable return rates on orders. Transparency about hiccups in production or communication is key.</li>

They balance quality and cost.

You should get what you pay for. Newer labs are generally less expensive, but also can afford less cutting-edge equipment and usually have lower quality as a result. Established and/or stable dental lab services can sometimes overcharge, draining your budget. Consider pricing and their quality track record, and choose a fairly priced but established lab.

If you are a dentist office looking for a dental lab, don't be afraid to ask or check their website for a summary of their technology and offerings to confirm that they're using up-to-date equipment that produces quality work. If possible, consult reviews of the lab or speak with other practices that have worked with the lab to get a feel for their business. Happy partnerships come from being informed professionals.


3 Signs You May Need a New Dental Lab

Dentistry is an honorable practice that requires hard work and a passion for helping people stay healthy and feel good about themselves. Unfortunately, your dental practice could suffer if it uses an outside dental lab that doesn't seem to share the same values. 

While dental laboratory services for a dentist office could just be behind the times, it might behoove you and your patients to make the switch to a new lab. If you're considering making a switch but aren't sure if it's a good move or not, here are some signs that it's time. 


Interruption in Service

Perhaps at one time, maybe in the first few years of partnership, your dental lab provided their products and services on time each delivery. However, you've noticed that recently they have begun to lack in their service and deliveries are usually late. When you reach out to see what's going on, they tell you that they're busy, but you have a feeling they just keep dropping the ball. Maybe they had a complete interruption in service, and you're still waiting on your order and nobody is answering to explain why that is. Unfortunately, despite your once strong relationship in the past, it seems as though priorities have been shifted away from your practice, which your patients will feel more than anything. If this sounds like your situation, it's time to make the switch. 


Product Quality is Poor

If you notice that the products you've been receiving are of a lower quality than what you're used to, it may be time for a switch. Sometimes this is due to outdated or broken equipment, and the dental lab could just be waiting for new machinery. However, the dental laboratory services for a dentist office need to be precise and of the highest quality to ensure your patients that they are getting the best work and material possible. More than half (55%) of dental labs have some form of digital equipment in-house, so if your lab is in the 45% and providing poor products, you should be concerned. As a professional, you have to meet certain expectations and you also expect the same qualities from your dental lab services. If you keep getting unusable or poor-quality products, from either your cosmetic dental lab or digital dental lab, it's time to make a switch. 


Disruption in Communication

The one thing that you should absolutely expect from dental laboratory services for a dentist office is constant and effective communication. Without it, you don't get the products you need, orders get lost, and patients suffer. When patients suffer, your business suffers. If your dental lab has been difficult to get in touch with on a regular basis, then it's time to make a switch. 

Sometimes it can be hard to make the decision to drop your current dental lab, especially if you've worked with them for years. You shouldn't put your practice or your patients at risk any longer though, and finding a new lab that can provide you with the quality products and services you need, when you need them, is imperative. 

Don't wait any longer for your current dental lab to play catch up. You have a business to run and your patients depend on you. Call us today to work with a dental lab that you can depend on.