Why E.Max Has Been Crowned the Reigning King by Dentists

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With numerous different types of crowns available, picking the best one for your patients can be difficult. In terms of all-ceramic crowns, using E.Max crowns can provide patients with longer lasting all-ceramic crowns with beautiful aesthetics.

There are many reasons why you should make the switch to E.Max in your dental practice.

Made with more advanced technology

Normal all-ceramic crowns can be well made and certainly durable; however, E.Max all-ceramic crowns are manufactured by cosmetic dental lab services with new, advanced forms of technology. This advanced process of creating E.Max crowns allows for better quality in terms of aesthetics as well as a long-lasting durability. Patients who receive E.Max crowns have an array of functionality that those with regular all-ceramic crowns might not be able to. E.Max provides an increase in crown strength that is able to withstand certain stresses and pressures.


One of the great features of E.Max all-ceramic crowns is that they allow the dentist to blend the crowns almost flawlessly with the natural teeth. In many cases, an all-ceramic crown can occasionally look fake and can draw negative attention to the wearer's smile. They're also milled a specific way that allows them to have a better fit as well. An estimated 14% of people between 20 and 64 years of age state that their teeth/mouth are in poor condition, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. Implementing a crown that looks like a natural tooth is the best way to make those patients feel good about their smile and look fondly upon your dental practices.


As stated above, these crowns are exceptionally durable and don't chip or fracture like many other ceramic crowns. They have a full-contoured-monolithic crown without a porcelain superimposition, which makes them exceedingly tough in comparison to other types of crowns.

Quick Implementation

If you're using the latest technology, you can fit a patient with E.Max crowns relatively quickly and easily. This not only gives patients back their confidence about their smiles but also provides them with a quick and easy implementation -- giving them an exceptional overall experience.

Of course, all of these benefits of using E.Max crowns are only possible if your lab provides E.Max crown manufacturing. If they do not, consider changing services to a digital dental lab.

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