5 Tips for the Perfect Digital Impression

In today’s world restorations are faster, stronger and more natural looking- the things this lab prides itself on! With all of this new technology it’s easy to get lost or intimidated when trying a new technological technique. To help get rid of some of the uneasy feelings associated with digital impression scanning we created a small tip sheet for dentists to maximize their efforts and help us create the best restorations for their patients!

1) Keep It Dry

Keeping the area you are scanning dry is key to a good digital impression, when you scan and the area is wet it creates a blurred image and a proper restoration cannot be made.

2) Try Not to Shine a Light Directly

We know, you’re thinking, “What? We need to see what we’re scanning!” It’s true, you do, but a digital impression comes out much better when the light is just to the side instead of directly hitting the area you are trying to scan. This happens because the direct light shines in the scan and blurs out the contours of the tooth area. This prevents a lab from being able to clearly define and create restorations that naturally fit in with the surrounding teeth.

3) Use A Cord to Retract the Tissue

Some of the best ways to identify a master at digital impressions is watching how they retract the tissue. This allows the lab to create restorations that perfectly fit in the patient's mouth and make the dentist look good.

4) If You Can’t See the Margin, We Can’t See the Margin

The great thing about digital impressions is it allows the dentist’s and the labs to see the same thing. Making communication about challenges or successes clear and easy to define. Margins should always be clearly defined so that labs can create a restoration that fits perfectly for any patient.

5) Trust the Scanner

Ultimately a doctor should trust the scanner. This tool is supposed to simplify the process and create a way for faster turnaround from the lab. The scanner is there to allow you to do your job with more ease, let it.

With every technological advancement there is something in the world being made easier for someone. In the dental world that can mean many different things, but ultimately the goal is always the same: Achieve a better, healthier smile

If you have any questions always feel free to reach out to your Natural Esthetics Team!