Stop Stressing...Seriously!

4 Tips to Reduce Stress in the Office and Aid Your Overall Health

It’s no secret that we often let stress affect our health and happiness, but is it also hurting our performance at work? If you find yourself constantly on edge, working more and thinking less, or just simply overwhelmed in the moment...STOP and follow these 4 tips!

1. Take a deep breath

Seriously it’s that simple. You’ve heard it all your life, because it really works. Sometimes there's a lot going on and a lot to do, take 15 seconds for yourself. Breathe. Try 3 good deep breaths, you’ll be amazed.

2. Smile

Just break out into a grin, even if the last thing you want to do is smile. Why? Because smiling is something you control, you, and reminds you that through it all you are the one that chooses your attitude. Tell yourself: I am capable, I am intelligent, and I am in charge of how I feel. Choose happy, and it’ll come; humans are simple that way.

3. Write it out

This could mean two things: Some people find journaling immensely helpful, I on the other hand prefer making  lists. Whether you like brainstorming it all onto a page or creating priorities in the form of a list, be honest with it. It doesn’t matter how- as long as you are getting all the stuff you have bottled, out.

4. Address the elephant

Sometimes it's not even you, it’s your patients making you feel anxious, because they’re anxious. So address it! Tell them you know that this can be stressful a moment but you want to help them through it, find out what you can do to make this their best dentist experience yet; maybe take some breaths together. After addressing it, you can work with it and use it to turn a negative patient experience into a positive one!